The colours of autumn for a table

Together let’s discover how to bring the warm colours of autumn to our table.

Autumn is here and with that we see the beautiful colours of Autumn all around us. Therefore as the seasons come and go each year, the colours that are popular in home décor change with them. It’s not practical to repaint rooms or buy all new furniture each time the calendar takes us into a new season. However changing soft surfaces in your home can satisfy the need to embrace the traditional autumn colours as well as new trends. There is no place better in your home to display your autumn décor than with our beautiful range of wipe clean Tablecloths, Placemats and Runners. Our products are handmade and hand designed which will add to the character of your table, especially during autumn.

Traditionally, autumn colours include shades of orange, red, brown, yellow and purple.

Let’s start with a traditional autumn colour: burnt orange. Firstly this colour echos the shade of changing leaves and the pumpkins featured in autumn decorations. Therefore, by using a burnt orange Tablecloth, Placemat or Runner from Tavarte as an accent colour on your table, minimal use of the same colour in a centrepiece or other décor will stand out. Burnt orange works well as the feature colour of the full table settings and decoration. It is a colour that can make a space seem cosy and warm, like being in the glow of a crackling autumn fire.

We suggest, for instance, our following designs: plain Orange (C2107), Rich & Radiant (0534), Autumn Charm (1326) or African Sunrise (0955).

You’ll find brown used in table décor throughout the year, no matter the season. It’s no surprise, since it is versatile and neutral and available in many shades from light to dark. However, in autumn you’re most likely to find the richest browns on your dinner table. The best use of brown in an autumn table linen décor is as a backdrop for the more vibrant colours of autumn. This can be achieved by choosing a brown Tablecloth, Placemat or Runner from Tavarte.

Above all, for your classic autumn table décor, you should opt for the darker shades, like chocolate or espresso. For this autumn we suggest trying browns that are a little lighter than normal. Opting for a really light brown, like wheat or sand, or a medium brown, like caramel or copper, offers the opportunity to set a more modern table that stays true to the colours of autumn.

We, therefore, recommended the following designs: Autumn Reflections (1232), Chestnut Charm (0739), Caramel Brown Brushed (702/10), Coffee Chat (1105), or Nonna’s Kitchen (1331)

Other class autumn colours for Tablecloths, Runners & Placemats by Tavarte and other autumn décor are red and yellow or gold. These bright and cheerful colours can liven a table when used in centrepieces or as accents in a Runner or Napkins. Similarly, these elements can be used effectively with a Tablecloth or on a beautiful wood tabletop with a Placemat for each place setting. You’ll find both of these colours represented in the turning leaves.

Perhaps the following designs, foe example, will catch your eye: simple Red (C2939), Burgundy (C2926) or Yellow (C2006).


33,70 41,60 


33,70 41,60 


33,70 41,60 

Some of the most popular colours for autumn 2022 are deep or earthy shades such as greens in olive or mossy shades, warm-toned browns, tans and caramels, and warm neutrals such as beiges and off whites to soften the space.

Try something different with the following suggested designs: Tea Time Treat (1558), Charming & Rustic (1537) or Swirls & Twirls (1477).

In conclusion, there are endless options and combinations of autumn table linen colours from which you can choose for your dining table this year. If you like to stick with a traditional autumn colour scheme, your table will look classic and beautiful. However, if you are yearning for something different for your autumn table linen décor in 2022, don’t be afraid to explore non-traditional colours and decorating ideas.

Still not sure what colour to select this autumn?

Send us a whatsapp or email and we will be happy to help! To view the above suggested designs, simply enter the design name or code into the search bar on our website and select the design.


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