How to choose colours for Easter

Easter is a time for family and decoration. Pastel colors associated with Easter include shades of blue, pink, green, yellow, purple, orange, coral, and turquoise, reflecting the season’s renewal and optimism. Use tablecloths, ceramics, and flowers to create a gentle, cheerful atmosphere. Decorating your front door with an Easter wreath is also a great idea.

Easter is just around the corner. Not only is Easter an important Christian holiday for us, it is also a time to gather the family and make wonderful memories. Because we will have our family visit for Easter and we will decorate our house and specifically, our Easter table, we often ask what colour should we use to decorate?

In our opinion, certain pastel colours are associated with Easter and are particularly well suited for the Easter decorations. For example: light shades of blue, pink, green, citrus yellow and light purple. In addition, light orange or coral colours and light shades of turquoise are pastel Easter colours. These colours are associated with Easter and reflect not only the softness of the spring season, but also the optimism that comes with it. They are connected with the renewal and the fresh green of new buds and foliage of the trees and white blossoms of trees in the spring.

Above all, Easter decorations in pastel colours bring a cheerful mood in a gentle subtle way. They create a calm, relaxing and uplifting atmosphere in your home.

You can incorporate the pastel colours of Easter by selecting tablecloths, placemats or runners in these colours. Some of our designs which would be perfect for your Easter table would include Picnic in the Park (design 1225), Summertime Beauty (design 0717), Enchanting Elegance (design 0709), Caramel Brown Brushed (design 702/10) and Delicately Delicious (design 1081). Moreover, add ceramic products for your celebration in a beautiful pastel colour. This will create a wonderful atmosphere around your table in a subtle way.

How about selecting some pretty flowers for your Easter table in the colours mentioned above. Perhaps, you could also bake some tasty Easter biscuits or cookies in a pastel colour. Or you could paint your Easter eggs in a beautiful pastel colour.  

Likewise, another great idea is to decorate your front door. How about using an Easter wreath decoration on your front door? 

In conclusion, we hope this short article has given you some guidance to make this years Easter celebration with you family a little more memorable.


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