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Difference between single & double sided products

Today we want to answer a simple yet often asked question. What is the difference between the single and double sided products?

Our wipe clean, hand painted tablecloths and runners are available in single sided products only. However, the placemat range is available in double and single sided products.

So what is the difference between the double and single sided placemats? The answer is a little more detailed than you may think. Obviously, the single sided placemats have the hand painted design on one side of the product only (as with our tablecloths and runners).

On the other hand, the double sided placemat has the hand painted design on both sides of the product. Therefore, this allows you to use the double sided product with either side of the placemat facing upwards. In addition, the double sided placemat is also padded which adds a little bit of stability to the product.

So when would you choose the double sided placemat and when would you choose the single sided placemat? Well, our advice, is that the double sided placemats are elegant and classy and we would use it if the placemats will be used in a more formal setting. The single sided placemats are perfect for casual, day to day use.

Moreover, please remember that both the single sided and double sided products are made with the same special wipe clean surface that allows the product to be easily cleaned with a simple cloth. Making your life a lot easier! And the nice thing is that all the hand painted placemat designs are available in both single and double sided options. So select a design to your liking and then decide whether you want the single sided option or the double sided option. 

We hope that this answers your question. However, if you still have any questions please feel free to contact us for further assistance. Contact form or .


Tavarte is an e-commerce company specializing in the supply of tableware and kitchenware products designed and made by hand. Our extensive product range includes tableclothsplacemats and runners as well as ceramic mugsbowls and jugs to name just a few of our product ranges.

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